School swimmers make a splash at Aqualibrium

Aqualibrium Leisure Centre was awash with activity last week, when 125 swimmers from primary and secondary schools across Argyll and Bute descended for the Scottish Schools Swimming Championships area trials

Southend bowls success

Southend Community Council was bowled over by the success of its annual carpet bowls competition

Gardening: Have a green Christmas

Your garden gives up some beautiful gifts of its own at this time of year – allowing you to bring the outside into the home with foliage and ‘green’ decorations

Social group’s cinema trip

Member’s of Shopper-Aide’s Carradale-based social group have been out and about again, this time enjoying a visit to the pictures

Leader, December 1 2023
Leader, December 1 2023

Some of us may be guilty of absent-mindedly assuming the town’s Christmas lights will go on each year, without fully appreciating the level of effort that goes into making that happen

Leader, November 24 2023

The effort required to establish, run and make a success of a club like the Dunaverty Players members have cannot be easily appreciated by those of us not involved with such groups

Thought for the Week, November 24 2023

It is not the ‘commandments’ of religion that have been the cause of atrocities and violence in recent weeks, but their transgression in pursuit of power, land, provocation, revenge, hatred and, to put it bluntly: all that is evil.

Leader, November 10 2023

With the Courier office located on the corner of Main Street and Longrow South, we know just how frequently inconsiderate parking there causes problems