The Campbeltown Courier is happy to set the record straight and apologises for any distress caused.

Other Sports
Rally racers roar through the night

These comments could almost perfectly match the similar sliding scale of competitors who read the regulations and brought auxiliary lighting to those racing in virtually complete darkness.

Team’s sponsors

At a recent training session Flora Grant and Marion McKinnon met the team and coaches. 

Down memory lane, December 1 2017

It shows James McCorkindale and pipers Ian McKerral, Billy Irving, aged 20, and John Brown on the way to London, in the year 2000, together with 60 others to represent Campbeltown’s history through music song and dance at the Millenium Dome.

Wee Toon festive season switch-on shimmers

Campbeltown Christmas Lights Group (CCLG) golden ticket winners, primary pupil, Poppie Lawson, 6, was dwarfed by the plunger. Poppie turned six the day the winner was announced and said: ‘It was the best birthday present ever.’

Employment and training

A successful catering clan from Bangladesh, a good employer in the town, at its Bolgam Street café and restaurant, welcomed its latest arrival, Arafat aged one month.

Letter: Scottish NHS better resourced

What I also know is this, and it’s the only political point I will make, the NHS in Scotland, run from Holyrood, is better resourced, better staffed and better performing than the system south of the border, run by Westminster.