Bellochantuy bikers’ birthday bash

Their adventure saw them visit some of Europe’s top locations, from fashion capital Milan to Greece, the cradle of civilization, booking accommodation as they went.

Kintyre goes digital

They have arranged for the installation of screens in businesses across Kintyre where all local events can be showcased free of charge.

From our files

High praise for Campbeltown from S.A. officers: ‘Campbeltown – a lovely spot with homely people.’

View from Westminster: Brendan O’Hara

While the government at Westminster sinks into a mess of its own making. We are fortunate that Scotland’s government is getting on with the day job for our public-sector and low-paid workers,

Rules and regulations

A bag of oranges is usually weighed and for that to happen a set of standardised scales are used. Weights and measures are an important part of retail life to ensure that customers are not ripped off.