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Kintyre Seasports Project anchored
Kintyre Seasports Project anchored

Jennifer Nicoll, Argyll and the Islands area manager for HIE, said: ‘Kintyre Seasports is an ambitious project involving a large scale redevelopment and therefore requires a full options appraisal of possible sites.’

McCartney merchandise winners

The items, which realised £8,235, had made up to three times more than usual possibly due to the charity link and Kintyre factor linking Sir Paul.

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Daring dippers chilling sea dash

Hannah O’Hanlon said: ‘I did it and quite enjoyed it. Because I love swimming in the summer I was dreading the Dip for Dosh, but it was one of the nicest days of all my swims.’

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Seasports crews master dinghies

RYA instructor of the year 2016, Alastair Mackay, said: ‘There is a misconception that sailing is an elitist sport, it is not and that’s what this week demonstrates.’