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Thought for the Week

I believe that people are inherently good and if we look for that good, we should find it, even if it is deeply hidden.

Church asks: Free@Five?

Free Church minister, Rodger Crooks, said: ‘We hope that the time of five o’clock will suit many people.’

Keil’s St Columba’s conventicle

The outdoor service on the site of St Columba’s footprint, just west of Keil about half-a-mile from Southend village, marked 1455 years since the Irish missionary landed in Kintyre.

Easter cross gathering

Following a half-hour outdoor service they processed, carrying a wooden cross, to a service at St Kiaran’s Scottish Episcopal church.

Borders move for Community church pastor

A Community church spokesperson said: ‘Chris and Andrea have been very much part of several aspects of Campbeltown life over many years and they will be greatly missed.’