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Letter: Mercury arc – the facts
Letter: Mercury arc – the facts

But I wish they had simply disposed of the mercury arc rectifier.  It’s not a thing of beauty, and those of us who had to work with it ‘back in the day’ remember it as horrid and noisy. Quite simply, we hated it.

Comedy film fest’s Death of Stalin

Campbeltown Picture House launches Scotland’s first comedy film festival (SCOFF), on Saturday January 27, with a stand-up show in screen one followed by  Armando Iannucci’s Death of Stalin.

New releases at Campbeltown Picture House

In 1973, the teenage grandson of billionaire oil tycoon J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) is kidnapped by an Italian crime syndicate whilst walking through the streets of Rome alone.

Return of the Picture House

Campbeltown Community Business Ltd chairman, Jane Mayo and her board, have succeeded in the £3.5 million restoration to bring the 114-year-old cinema as close to perfection as possible.

Cinema restored to 1935 grandeur

‘Among the elements of 1935 design that have been reinstated are the repainted ceiling, the colour scheme for the ‘wee houses’ specially made art deco lights and the return of the historically popular love seats.’