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Grammar school transition week

Guided tours around the new school took place and also pupils met outside agencies and CGS staff who will work with S1 in August.

Schools in the news

Campbeltown Grammar school’s new head, David Fyfe, features on page three after contacting the Courier about a planned open evening.

CGS has room for improvement

Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, policy lead for education, added: ‘Things have changed already since the inspection.’

World class hosts trained

An Explore Kintyre & Gigha spokesperson said: ‘At least 15 people took part in the Campbeltown which will mean that a lot of businesses will become WH accredited in Kintyre and Gigha this year.’ 

Budding business pupils multiply tenner

‘Together Chloe, Jaimee, Lauren and Mary made up two hampers and sold raffle tickets at various places, to benefit Campbeltown hospital’s Sunshine room.

Down memory lane, March 23 2018

The oral history I was told was that when Tommy drowned it was the first time his mother, Bella, a widow, had ever left the boys to go to Glasgow.