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Co-op’s CGS4Gambia charity donation

The cheque for £6,181.68 presented, last Saturday, by Co-op manager Colin Middleton, was raised from the local causes one per cent collected on members’ purchases of own brand goods.

Full BBC orchestra at CGS

‘The concert has eaten into your lunchtime but it has been a treat, a fantastic opportunity for you to listen to this orchestra.’

Grammar school transition week

Guided tours around the new school took place and also pupils met outside agencies and CGS staff who will work with S1 in August.

Schools in the news

Campbeltown Grammar school’s new head, David Fyfe, features on page three after contacting the Courier about a planned open evening.

Grammar’s meet the head open evening

David Fyfe, 53, gave an exclusive interview to the Courier about his determination to: ”build on Campbeltown Grammar’s firm foundations which have real strength’ while injecting ‘enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas.’