Getting back to work with financial support package
Getting back to work with financial support package

Thousands of companies have been taking advantage of an unprecedented package of UK Government support to protect jobs and support firms as they attempt to get back to business during the coronavirus outbreak.
As more and more companies continue to get back to work, we look at how the financial
support is helping firms across the nation to adapt, innovate and protect jobs.

Leader, July 3 2020

Admitting a loved one to a care home must be a daunting and emotional experience which will take a lot of careful consideration.

Veterans on frontline tackling coronavirus

Veterans are providing vital skills across a range of projects to help the country tackle the current coronavirus outbreak. From helping to build Nightingale Hospitals to delivering essential supplies to those who are shielding, they have helped thousands of people across the country. We take a look at how one such veteran is helping out.

Leader, June 19 2020

As each new generation takes one step further away from these events, we risk losing stories of times which shaped the world in which we live today.

Leader, June 5 2020

While they are not entirely comparable, one can’t help but think that there are similarities between the hardships suffered by people on the frontline of both world wars and global pandemics.

Leader, May 29 2020

We owe a big thank you to both the volunteers and businesses that are looking out for everyone in the community.

Leader, May 22 2020

This week’s front page article about the apparent vandalism on Beinn Ghuilean was written with disbelief.

LEADER, May 8 2020

Robert was a part of numerous varied organisations and groups and therefore his loss will be felt by so many in the area.

LEADER, April 17 2020

The people of Campbeltown and Kintyre, as well as smaller village communities, have really come together – figuratively! – to support each other.